Living abroad mum

This website is a mirror of my life as a mother living in a foreign country.I am taking on a challenge by one of my friends who told me :"why dont you start a blog about you being a mummy".I am sitting here wondering where to begin but this is exciting as I begin to explore the world of unknown and share my memories,escapades,fun moments,highlights and challenges of life far away from home.Living in the UK has been an interesting experience,and 3 years on: I still miss the simple luxuries of living in Kenya and having a maid at your service,a hair makeover,pedicure,manicure you can afford to go every other time,a painter you can pay to paint your house and a loud van 'matatu' that can stop anywhere on the road when you beckon!Oh that is life -lets get back to reality and face it together!Join my blog today.