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Sausage fingers

26/02/2013 19:36
  It has been a while since I wrote something; half term was a busy time with two children needing my attention every minute then came a week of tiredness and sickness. Now, I feel a bit revived after having a piece of Guinness cake – wonder if it is a psychological effect after a nice meal...

Presidential debate in Kenya

11/02/2013 11:10
Tonight is a big night for Kenyans as they watch and hear the first ever live presidential debate:am far away but am so excited about it all because of all the hype in the social media.It is the moment we have been waiting for to see the leaders battle and share their vision about Kenya and what...

Have you met any of your New Year Resolutions?

07/02/2013 13:58
Looking after a baby is a 247 job,and today my son decided to have an early start which of course meant that I had to wake up and feed him.I have decided to stop building castles in the air which leads to an empty mind(bongo lala), so with one hand I read " *The secret Lives of bees*" a novel set...

Special days coming up -ding dong

06/02/2013 13:54
Day 2 seems ok punching the keyboard I have no no clue what I will write about but am proud my daughter didnt have a fright on stage and the "Rats" play went well,she has 2 more days to go before they end their performance.That reminds me that half term break begins on Friday -a whole week with...

Dear Reader

05/02/2013 14:17
House Rules: Do not wash dirty linen in public If you do not agree with my thoughts just accept that everyone is different  

First blog

05/02/2013 14:16
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

New event

05/02/2013 14:16
This is a sample event description. You can edit this description as you wish or remove the entire event.

Livingabroadmum Website launched

05/02/2013 14:16
My new website has been launched today. Livingabroadmumwebsite is a chapter of my life in the UK and will capture a bit of everything my memories of Kenya,love of food,whats happening in my garden, my children,from a career woman into a homemaker,my travels and one of my favourite things is...

Baby Blues

05/02/2013 13:54
My cold is not getting better so I have decided to start this blog,am on a mission to keep this running and to prove to my friend that I can write a blog-so help me out as I write this.I am sitting in the lounge with my laptop smiling as I write this with a box of tissues next to me,my 11 week old...
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