Baby Blues

05/02/2013 13:54

My cold is not getting better so I have decided to start this blog,am on a mission to keep this running and to prove to my friend that I can write a blog-so help me out as I write this.I am sitting in the lounge with my laptop smiling as I write this with a box of tissues next to me,my 11 week old son is fast asleep in the moses basket-so peaceful,so sweet a child.That reminds me of how we mention the good words while they are asleep but when they wake up and cry continuously we forget how sweet they can be.Thank Goodness,he is fine I was getting a bit worried because he had a bit of a performance on Sunday morning after feeding.We were treated to flying milk all over the bed, my sweater and a bit caught my hair.Later, after a lovely meal at the Boathouse in Ely,Cambridgeshire;he had a pass the boy round moment on the table as everyone in the family held him and when he landed back to me he made one of this loud sound brrrrrr and the smell hinted that he needed a change.I had dressed him in his new clothes - by the time I removed everything the body suit had been ruined with the green runny substance "Number 2"!Never mind that what all kids do.


My son is a bit colicky andone day my hairdresser came home to braid my hair - she told me about Colief.I dashed to the pharmacy and bought one-costs£11.99 a bit costly for a 7ml tiny bottle but it has worked a bit of magic and my son has not been crying that much.My daughter was not colic so this was new to me, I had tried Infacol -it didnt work - and when the crying period began nothing could stop it and it was frustrating and we had to stand and hold him on the shoulder for as long as the cry lasted.I cant wait for him to grow out of it -they say 3- 4 months or 6 months at the latest!


Today, my daugther is on stage (as I write)with other kids performing her school play"Rats",am excited about seeing it on Thursday and cant wait to see her play 'a child' in this play about the Pied Piper.Yesterday,she was a bit nervous  but I gave her a bit of words of encouragement yesterday when they were performing to the rest of the school.Last year, she came and watched me play a part of this vegeterian secretary in a murder mystery"Barbecues r murder" which was a good laugh and one of the things I challenged myself to get into while settling into a new village.Which reminds me I have to write a Bucket List!


I am already thinking of dinner-what to do with white fish thawing in the kitchen and make a light,hearty,"healthy " dinner.I should try out a new recipe,one of the things I have enjoyed since coming to the UK is flipping through my collection of recipe books and creating something new -am on a Culinary discovery.This is a contrast to my life in Kenya where I didnt have an oven and had a tiny gas cylinder"Meko" to cook with and I never baked,grilled and also didnt have a herb patch.We used to bake on Christmas Eve,I remember my sister was good in baking cakes and use the charcoal jiko and place a big saucepan"sufuria and place a lid on top with hot charcoal.I was always the "Charo" sent to fetch things,wash dishes,chop ingredients and cook the easy meals.I must confess I thought she was a good cook,so I took a back seat.Now,I enjoy and love "experimenting";my husband will laugh about this because I can never faithfully stick to a recipe.I like adding my own secret ingredient to it -thats what makes cooking fun and thereauptic at times!

Enough of this now-I can see my sons hands flapping about -its a sign of am waking up and need attention.Thats all for now...