Have you met any of your New Year Resolutions?

07/02/2013 13:58

Looking after a baby is a 247 job,and today my son decided to have an early start which of course meant that I had to wake up and feed him.I have decided to stop building castles in the air which leads to an empty mind(bongo lala), so with one hand I read " *The secret Lives of bees*" a novel set in South Carolina during the Civil rights movement of 1964 and how a girl escapes home and finds solace in the world of beekeeping.

Its a lovely day here,I am so excited about the weather today-no wind and the sun out -am looking forward to spring.I had a walk earlier on to the Post office and the snowdrops poking out and daffodils on the ground made me smile.To tell you the truth there is something magical about the snowy day but when they last for many days it becomes a nuisance all the warm clothes you have to bundle up yourself in and heating 247 to make the house warm because most of the heat disappears in the thin air.What a pain!

I feel guilty I didnt take my daughter to Ballet last evening,but it was a relief when she shared the same sentiment with me -that it was too cold and very windy not forgetting the rain that followed later.I am glad I didnt go..but I had to bribe her with popcorn and a hot chocolate with marshmallows.I wonder how long that bribing will last.Its almost like the white lie we have to tell children over Christmas:that Santa Claus will bring presents and  they have to behave if they want the presents they requested on a letter addressed to Santa who happens to be one of the parents. In Kenya, we didnt have much fuss over Santa Claus,Christmas was all about family, food and a new dress and shoes(which of course my mum had to buy the same clothes as my sister,the fashionable dresses in those days had gathered up bit and were quite frilly!).

Now,this year one of the things I wanted to stop is snacking Crisps at night <>last year when I was pregnant we really invested on Kettle,Tylers and Walkers Sensations and we have fallen back to the trap again of buying them again,I walked into the Kitchen and smiled when I saw how many packs we have.I am sure I should adopt one of Miranda Hart's line "stop it" and slap my hand and then wink. Losing weight has been one of my favourite topics to talk about or hear and am fascinated how people lose weight and what they have to give up. I wish I was a bit athletic because am a lousy soul who cannot do much running apart from a sprint. One of the things I cant stop watching on TV is cooking programs you name it- Jamie Oliver,Hairy Bikers,Bake off, Nigella Lawson, Saturday Kitchen,River Cottage,Rick Stein, Nigel Slater the list is endless. Then after watching it my mind starts roaming and dreaming what recipe to cook.Surely,how can one lose weight when all these programs send the message cook and bake!I guess its simple I love food! Let me not bore you with this topic because I can go on and on.....

Anyway this evening am going to watch my daughter in their school play"Rats" and can't wait to see it.I hear there is Gangnam style in the mix but they are calling it Hamyln style..

I am thinking of my fellow countrymen and women in Kenya as this year is an important year and the elections are near, I hope you will vote wisely and not be swayed by the greedy leaders. I will touch on that topic. Watch this space.