Presidential debate in Kenya

11/02/2013 11:10

Tonight is a big night for Kenyans as they watch and hear the first ever live presidential debate:am far away but am so excited about it all because of all the hype in the social media.It is the moment we have been waiting for to see the leaders battle and share their vision about Kenya and what they are planning after March 4th elections(that is if they will implement any of their agendas apart from increasing MP salaries).The big question is will any of these leaders carry their manifesto after March 4th ama watakuwa vigeugeu?

I am glad that all the 8 presidential candidates have been now given a chance to appear on the face off after a court order which threathened to stop the debate if  two other canditates were not included.Kenya has come a long way since the early 90's and early 2000's-I remember those days no one could challenge the  media and the rich ruled,bribed and corrupted all the systems.Indeed, Times have changed and for true Kenyans can speak out without fear.

The time has come to make changes in the political front and after the post election violence in 2007,I believe Kenyans are now much wiser and well informed and know which character to go for -I hope the youth will not be manipulated and accept money hand-outs and cause chaos while the leaders meet and dine in 5 star hotels!


My fellow kenyans,Lets not forget the people who are still suffering in silence since the 2007 elections,tafadhali as you prepare to cast your vote in March - Think again about the people you are putting in power.Lets vote wisely and give power to the people who can move Kenya forward.I cant wait to see and hear comments after the debate.