Special days coming up -ding dong

06/02/2013 13:54

Day 2 seems ok punching the keyboard I have no no clue what I will write about but am proud my daughter didnt have a fright on stage and the "Rats" play went well,she has 2 more days to go before they end their performance.That reminds me that half term break begins on Friday -a whole week with nothing lined up seems like a year when you have a 5 year old and a baby in the same room.what am I going to do?I know my husband will be home for Shrove Tuesday and Valentine day but we have made no special arrangements. Anyone with plans for this dates apart from making pancakes and getting red roses -at times I feel Valentine is such an exagerrated one day event in a year -what if I dont get red/white roses and red wine !does it mean I am not loved or less insignificant in someones life??Consumerism has really gripped the world to the extent many women feel miserable if the spouse or boyfriend forgets this day -I think love is best when its spontaneous not when cupid shows up with an arrow and wants everyone to be adored on the same day!


I am afraid my cold is making me look like a zombie -saw Nicholaus Hault do a "Zombie" Walk on the Graham Norton Show two weeks ago -boy oh boy wasnt it a laugh.I had an electric vaporiser and Sudafed in the middle of the night because my nose was blocked and a chest rub -still feel i need something.I am quiet naughty my husband told me to inhale some menthol-which I havent but I should when am done with this.


Oh no-just remembered its Wednesday -Ballet and tap dance class for my daughter -I tell her how lucky she is-while growing up we never had any opportunity to go to a special school or class to be taught a hobby -it was a priviledge and costed money only the affluent could afford taking kids to swimming,tennis,there was no ballet those days.And my single mum had to work extra hours to get the five of us to a good school.We used to make do with what we had.Now,back to ballet, should I go when the fierce chilly wind is sweeping across the street.How can I break the news that we cant go-she likes dancing and wont be happy if I tell her we are not going.But,am picturing myself pushing my Bugaboo pram on the highstreet with a huge hat covering my face and ears all wrapped up as if am going to the Artic to get her to the dance school by 4.I have to reconsider this and weigh the repurcussions!!


Last night I didnt make a fuss over dinner just made simple rice and fish sauce.Today,in my condition am not going to bother am making spaghetti and pesto with salad-simple and fast.

Have to attend to my son now..before syking to pick my daughter from school and maybe, maybe not go to Ballet!